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20 October 2021



Klaxoon is a platform that empowers organisations to run effective and productive workshops easily in a hybrid environment. Anytime, Anywhere.
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Get things done, run efficient workshops with Klaxoon

Klaxoon is the workshop platform that empowers teams to run efficient and engaging workshops, wherever they are.

Klaxoon has designed a range of unmatched solutions that empower organizations to run effective and productive workshops in a very simple way.


From anywhere, at any time, and from any device, effectively engage teams and get things done in hybrid settings.

  • Engage and drive efficient workshop with Session, Challenge, Vote and Storm
  • Switch from ideation to action with Board, the all-in-one virtual whiteboard
  • Collect feedback and make sure the team is aligned  on decision using the Survey and Quiz
  • Secure next steps and increase the impact of workshops with Memo, Questions, and automatic features
  • Create async workgroups and run long-term projects using Network, Article, and Journal
  • Break free from time and location thanks to Live – the integrated vision conference, MeetingBoard, and Klaxoon Box
  • And, empower your team using the boards’ templates library