20 October 2021



Klaxoon disrupts the typical working day with an unmatched set of solutions that are adaptable and intelligent. The purpose of Klaxoon: make teams thrive by empowering individuals to accomplish more with others.

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Klaxoon, efficient teamwork, anywhere. The benefits?

  • Cut your meeting time in half
  • Enhance all your interactions
  • Engage 100% of your participants, on-site or remotely

How? With a full suite of collaborative apps!

  • Board Hybrid, the all-in-one visual collaborative whiteboard designed for hybrid work.
  • Hundreds of ready-to-use templates to inspire you daily.
  • Live, integrated with Board, allows you to connect with 50+ people.
  • Quizzes, surveys, learning games, votes…

With Klaxoon’s full suite of apps, information circulates faster, communication flows better. Whether it is for team sync, workshop, project management, or training, Klaxoon can be used for all types of collaboration.