Giving voice to digital identities worldwide: a report by onepoint and the SIA

Onepoint, in partnership with the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), produced a hands-on feedback and best practices based study on national digital and mobile ID programs worldwide: “Giving voice to digital identities worldwide, key insights and experiences to overcome shared challenges”. This report will be discussed during a groundbreaking webinar on Thursday, February 18th – 2:30 PM (CET).

In a world stricken with Covid-19, governments worldwide have acknowledged the usefulness of digital ID schemes in tackling a global four-fold crisis (sanitary, economic, social, environmental), and it is likely that many such programmes will arise or escalate in the upcoming months. All the more reason for onepoint to partner with the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) and share our expertise and experience to produce an “on the ground” study on digital identity projects.

Unlocking the potential of digital ID to support the delivery of innovative and inclusive services for citizens

As transactions move from the physical to the digital world, and increasingly so on mobile devices, trusted digital identity is now the key to a new and growing range of public services. This report aims to uncover the lessons learned from real-life digital ID deployments around the world – exploring the opportunities, the challenges, use cases and what makes a winning strategy. All this, from the people who are at the forefront of these projects.

  • 25 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and country representatives
  • 17 countries all over the world
  • 5 international organisations
  • 13 key insights

In this report, onepoint and the SIA wanted to give a voice to the leaders of the most innovative and challenging identity-led projects around the world – leveraging their “on the ground” insights and perspectives to help public and private policy makers understand the art of the possible, and to inform and shape the course of their own digital ID programmes.

We wanted to do more than simply report on their programs, we wanted to understand their unique design and deployment challenges, the individual success factors and, with multiple paths to delivering Digital ID, why they chose their particular route forward.

Yannick Ragonneau, Partner, onepoint

The SIA and onepoint consider digital identity as a driver for social and economic inclusion, an opportunity to provide equal, fast and convenient access to public and private services. As such, focus and priority was given to national digital and mobile identities that are government-driven and/or government regulated. National digital ID schemes vary by country based on a multitude of criteria such as cultural specificities, structured ecosystems and governance, technological infrastructure, legal and institutional framework, security and privacy requirement, etc.

However, this report shows how, regardless of the digital ID ecosystem model that is adopted – centralized or federated – a number of common themes and guiding principles proved critical for driving usage, adoption and success.

Ultimately, the continued evolution of the digital ID market, and the success of the numerous public and private programs, relies on the ability of the entire community to effectively collaborate, share best practices and learn from one another. By giving voice to digital identities around the world, we hope this report will contribute to this effort.

Yannick Ragonneau, Partner, onepoint

Amongst onepoint, experts from various communities shared their expertise, on fields such as cybersecurity, payments, the African continent and the public sector, and contributed to the report.

Join us for the webinar

Hear from the governments themselves, as this exciting webinar hosted by the SIA reveals the results of our unique global study that highlights the key ingredients, common themes and guiding principles that have proved critical for driving usage, adoption and success of digital ID programs.

By attending this session, you will get free access to the 90+ page report, produced in association with onepoint.

About the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA):

The Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) is an expert and globally recognized not-for-profit organisation. It brings together public, private and non-government organisations to foster international collaboration, help shape policy, provide technical guidance and share best practice in the implementation of identity programmes.

About onepoint: 

Onepoint architects enterprise transformation across companies and public agencies, guiding its clients from the definition of the strategic vision to its technology implementation. Onepoint has been appointed to provide its views and experience on innovative Digital Identity models worldwide.