Onepoint is now B Corp certified

As a B Corp in the consulting and digital transformation sector, onepoint joins a collective of companies working towards a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. This certification supports our STEER commitments.

A certification that supports our STEER commitments 

As early as 2010, the first projects related to the environment, human resources, and quality laid the foundations for a vision of the company that would take us beyond CSR. A vision encapsulated in the acronym STEER for Economic, Social, Environmental, and Technological Responsibility.

On a daily basis, this vision motivates us to design a new world while always ensuring that we leave a positive footprint. We measure this through our STEER Scorecard.

Achieving B Corp certification raises our standards for STEER.

What B Corp certification means for onepoint

In this respect, the process has mobilized a group of nearly fifty people from all our communities. Initiated at the end of 2020, it has catalyzed a number of corporate projects, such as the opening of our capital to all our French employees and the launch of our Institute.

Certification Process 

Due to the size, turnover, and international presence of onepoint, we were assessed according to the so-called “complex company” approach. As part of this process, we underwent the “B Impact Assessment”, a questionnaire to evaluate our impact on our various stakeholders. These include our employees, our communities, our customers, and the environment.

Onepoint achieved a score of 88.5 points in the verification audit, with particular strength in the governance and employee dimensions.

B corp criteria

The five themes on which onepoint was evaluated

To obtain the B Corp label, companies are evaluated on 5 themes:

  • Governance: Accessibility, transparency, ethics, and defined mission for the company.
  • Employees: Health and safety, well-being, career development, satisfaction, and engagement.
  • Community: Diversity, equity and inclusion, economic impact, civic engagement.
  • Environment: Impact on water, air, climate, land, and biodiversity.
  • Customers: Product and service quality, privacy, data security, social impact improvement


A continuous improvement approach

While our B Corp certification reaffirms the positive impact of our business on our entire ecosystem (colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers), it is not an end in itself. Like all certified B Corp companies, we will conduct a reassessment every three years to continually improve.

In the coming months, we will focus our efforts on our environmental impact as well as our social and customer impact, while continuing to develop our diversity and civic engagement initiatives.
This approach will push us to continue to take into account the interests of all our stakeholders in our operations and in our model, collectively. This is a collective success, and we would like to thank all the teams who have contributed to this project..

You want to know more, or be accompanied in obtaining the B-Corp certification? 

Our end-to-end intervention capacity and multidisciplinary expertise at the crossroads of design, technology, consulting, and sustainable development give us a unique opportunity and responsibility to bring positive impact solutions to our clients. 

We help them define their CSR strategy, co-develop with them new sustainable business models, design and deploy sustainable transformation programs, and contribute to responsible digital design (digital accessibility, Green IT & IT for Green).