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“Global design” is an approach that consists of designing all the different aspects of a project at the same time to ensure coherence and increase its impact.

As a result, a company that practices global design will imagine its website, products, services, communication, brand identity, furniture, premises, and even the architecture of its buildings as components of the same ecosystem.

Besides its traditional applications, design is now working its way up to the top of organisations, where management teams rely on disruptive methods such as design thinking, design fiction, and design sprints to define new visions, strategies, and business models. With its inherent connection with collective intelligence and user experience, design has become an essential element in innovation.

Our offers

Product design

Our designers help to design and manufacture innovative and sustainable products: from the problem to the solution's industrialisation.

Service and experience design

Our UX and design thinking experts imagine and implement digital and physical journeys.

Space design

We help companies design and make new workspaces, Innovation Laboratories and start-up premises a reality.


We apply game mechanisms to complex subjects to increase their understanding, adoption and dissemination.

Design Fiction

Using objects and staging, we exaggerate and bring future scenarios to life to highlight their impact and assess possible changes.

Design research

Our design PhD students support organisation that conduct research on emerging trends.

Our references


Creation of a MEGALAB for a player of social protection

Contexte et besoin

In creating its innovative accelerator centre, The company has sought to define a strong concept both in terms of its location and its value proposition.


Observation / inspiration / definition of the value proposition and business model.

Generation of macro-zoning and development of 2 development proposals.

Concept enrichment, micro-zoning and detailed development proposal.


The MEGALAB, 800 m2 of space in the 13th arrondissement with a strong focus on employee experience.


Acculturation to digital gaming with an electronics group specializing in aerospace

Contexte et besoin

The company organised an international "digital tour" to acculturate managers to emerging technologies and test digital business models. To run this event, the group needed to present the eight selected topics in an educational and entertaining way.


Creation of two game concepts: for the platformisation of services and associated business models as well as to present an use cases in IOT.

Prototyping of 6 English board games and their packaging.

Training of the Digital tour facilitation team.


DIGITAL PLATEFORM, a board game that is played in 30 minutes with a group of 3 to 6 people and proves the efficiency of digital platforms.

IOT CHALLENGE, a scripted electronic kit in which the participants have to elucidate a problem with the help of sensors placed at their disposal.


Supporting the strategy of a company specializing in the design of video systems

Contexte et besoin

The Group is continuously rethinking its value proposition and trying to project its strategy into the future. Thanks to the sprint design method, in just a few days you can take big steps towards a future target.


Definition of 6 strategic topics.

Information gathering and preparation of use cases.

Design of 24 workshop days using the design thinking methodology.

Facilitation of design sprints.


6 4-day sprint designs conducted in two continents with the participation of 4 geographical entities.


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