Performance & Change

We work with you to solve your performance problems and ensure change adoption. We co-create new business models and help the improvement of existing governance and processes. We combine our holistic approach to work hand-in-hand with your experts at each level of the organisation, anchoring change in your company’s DNA. We know how to deliver value to make a transformation sustainable by adapting to your specificities, engaging your people from an early stage and committing to the transfer of skills to ensure you are autonomous.

Our capabilities


Build transformation roadmaps through workshops and business cases to align to required change - mostly for digital projects


Understand key pain points, assess opportunities for automation and build an actionable roadmap of implementation


Map & redesign processes to bring operational efficiency, revenue uplift or user experience enhancement


Infuse operational excellence and enhanced management practices through coaching, training, visual management and collective intelligence methods based on lean practices


Provide key strategic insights by leading benchmarks, competitive analysis and vendor landscape assessment


Study the impacts of transformation and make sure people are ready for change – learning by doing & tech adoption

Our showcase offerings


Most organisations have grown very fast over the last 20 years. While they have implemented ERP and CRM solutions, they also created “ad-hoc” processes and implemented point solutions to cater for urgent needs.
Today, there is a significant opportunity to reduce the complexity of these processes (redundancies, frictions. waiting times) with a less than 1 year ROI.
Using an iterative agile methodology, onepoint multi-disciplinary team co-delivers both the process simplification and automation within 6 week rhythms. Our process consultants takes care of the Value Stream Mapping while our technology consultants implement simple automation solutions using low code/no code and RPA platforms.

We often describe organisations using a framework of 3 core systems, all enabled by business solutions: System of Record (enabled by ERP solutions e.g. SAP), System of Engagement (enabled by CRM solutions e.g. SalesForce) and System of Insights (enabled by Business Intelligence solutions e.g. Snowflake).
Our conviction is that a new System is now coming to maturity: the Systems of Workflow. Enabled by new technology vendors (e.g. Appian) or more traditional ERP/CRM vendors (e.g. SalesForce Industries), it empowers the business to create its own workflows on top of the 3 core systems.
Onepoint helps customers unleashing the flexibility and effectiveness of the systems of workflow, educating power users, shaping Centers of Excellence and creating the proper governance.

Since the pandemic, companies face a double innovation dilemma: on one side the tech skills gap and the sheer difficulty to recruit talent; on the other side the digital acceleration and the need to create extraordinary experiences to customers and employees.
Onepoint believes that both sides of the innovation dilemma can be solved with the creation of a standalone digital organisation and an employee upskilling framework. The digital organisation is initially co-staffed with customer employees and onepoint employees; onepoint helps the reskilling of employees with Ecole Onepoint (more than 100 hands on trainings from product management to SCRUM, agility, business analysis, software and data engineering) and replaces its consultants with the upskilled employees.


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