Platform & Digital

We help the modernisation of your legacy platforms using the latest technologies and software engineering artefacts. Maximising the engagement with customers and employees, we build service platforms that amplify the ecosystem interactions. We fast track the migration to the cloud and industrialise tech delivery.

Our capabilities


From conceptualisation to concrete realisation, our digital architecture service ensures your vision comes alive, crafting a seamless and secure framework for an engineered future, enhancing user experiences, and enabling seamless integration at every step.


Elevate your mobile app development game with our cutting-edge expertise in React Native (X-Platform), Flutter (X-Platform), Swift (native iOS), and Kotlin (native Android). Our customized solutions provide your teams with the tools they need to accelerate mobile application development, streamlining the process, and supercharging your path to success.


Elevate your web development capabilities with our diverse tech stack. From robust backends powered by Node.js, Java, Python, Kotlin, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Golang, to engaging frontends crafted using JavaScript (ES6), ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, WebAssembly (W3C), and Blazor, we empower your projects with the tools needed to create exceptional web experiences.


Supercharge your application development with our expert low-code solutions. Our tailored services empower your teams to rapidly create and deploy robust applications, reducing time-to-market and driving innovation while optimising resources and boosting productivity across your organisation.


Empower your applications to communicate seamlessly and efficiently with our comprehensive API and integration services. Unlock new opportunities for connectivity and data flow, ensuring optimal performance and driving innovation in your digital ecosystem.


Embark on a transformative journey towards seamless integration, automation, and collaboration with our specialised DevOps services designed to optimise your development processes and accelerate time-to-market for your projects.


Deliver flawless software solutions to your users by leveraging our expertise in QA and testing. Our dedicated team employs rigorous testing methodologies to guarantee optimal performance, security, and functionality of your applications

Our showcase offerings


We firmly believe that it is one of the best and most cost-effective solutions for building an online presence and business for our customers. Driving consumer engagement, relevant customer experiences at scale and growth in digital revenue streams using Drupal as a core enabling platform.

• 100+ professionals worldwide in our Drupal practice
• Strategically located Drupal teams in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific
• We provide WCM/Web services to 30+ of the Fortune 100 companies
• We have over 20 years’ experience in content management
• We have designed and delivered enterprise-wide CMS solutions

Onepoint is partnering with Silicon Valley born tech school – Holberton – to assist with the re-skilling of tech and non-tech employees. Using a modern pedagogy centered around project based and peer learning, adult students learn how to learn and adopt the modern ways of working like agile and devops.
A foundations curriculum enables non tech employees to become solid entry level software engineers in 9 to 18 months (from scratch).
A specialist curriculum upskills existing tech employees to Python and Machine Learning.

Leveraging its TechHubs in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Bordeaux and Montreal, onepoint can accelerate of the development cycle with a distributed delivery. Using a follow the sun model, the software engineers are hand checking every 8 hours using a proprietary tooling – Cockpit – to govern the quality of the deliverables. We are reproducing the techniques and processes usually found in large product centric organisations.


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