Companies that did not exist 20 years ago leveraged new platform models, and today represent more than 50% of global e-commerce

Digital commerce 360

Every day, platforms create new ways of serving and collaborating through API’s extending the ecosystem. The traditional transactional model of supply/demand is being challenged by new opportunities of doing business that are ecosystem and usage driven. Global leader in the space of marketplace software, Mirakl allow the creation of new business models for organisations that have pioneered their industries and who do not see the future monopolised by digital giants. 


Value shaping

Defining value proposal, business architecture and model, operational strategy, competitive differentiators

Business transformation

Process transformation, activities, reporting, change management


Architecture design, API integration strategy


PMO, implementation

Value realisation

Operate and deliver the operational value



Retail, Wholesale

Rise of digital buyer and increase competition from digital native disruptors

Range extension

Rely on your existing core business customer database to build and operate a range extension platform powered by third-party sellers.

Platform operators businesses host transactions and facilitate the overall transaction order cycle to third-party sellers partners (from product creation, offer management, fulfillment, invoicing, and customer service)

Leveraging platform model for

□ Reduce selling costs - minimizing inventory and logistic costs, and increase revenue at no marginal cost
□ Revenue and customer acquisition - Offer broader product and service selection, extend your product assortment and get more transactions, and improve SEO scoring attracting more traffic
□ Data - discover what else your customers want
□ Customer satisfaction - offer more choice, better prices, and improve the customer experience



Manufacturing, Medical supplies, Industrial supplies and equipment, Food and Beverage

Fragmented and conflicted channels

Digitisation of distribution networks

Connect a distribution network on a branded platform to better monitor existing channel partners' networks.

Channels are getting digitised by onboarding online sellers from an existing partner network.
The brand experience is controlled and wins more consistency while eliminating site redirections confusions.

The experience between content and transactional interfaces is seamless.

Leveraging platform model for

□ Revenue and customer acquisition - create a win-win situation by driving sales through the partner network

□ Data - get new data to know and build relationships with end customers, and getting new insights into buying behavior

□ Customer and partner satisfaction - unlock a seamless experience, and offer



Maintenance and Repair aftermarket

Rise of digital buyer and increase competition from digital native disruptors

Aftermarket and repair marketplace

Industrial player whose goods manufacturing process relies on numerous suppliers now becoming a platform operator to facilitate its aftermarket sales within its ecosystem.

The platform operator creates a new digital destination to facilitate direct transactions between customers and authorized suppliers.

Suppliers update their product catalogue, pricing and availability information.

Customers can source and transact with certainty around costs and availability for aftermarket spare parts from a catalog of authorized suppliers.

Leveraging platform model for

□ Incremental revenue - Enable new business models (subscriptions, commission) for manufacturer opening up their ecosystem of suppliers to their end customers.

□ Customer satisfaction - Convenience is delivered on both sides of the ecosystem. Bring down transaction cost by facilitating between an eco-system living around the marketplace operator core business (for ie Aircraft manufacturer giving access to its spare parts supplier network).

□ Competitive advantage - Keep away disruptors by facilitating transaction within the existing eco-system



Group Purchasing Organisations

Rise of digital buyer and increase competition from digital native disruptors

Procurement platform

Create an online destination to connect large number of suppliers with fragmented buying entities.

Leveraging platform model for

□ Operational excellence

□ Purchasing leakage reduction

□ User experience