Date de publication : 08 November 2020

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A new era led by platforms and ecosystems

For new generations of consultants and architects of change.

Discover onepoint’s Plateforms and Ecosystems strategy, by Oswald Perrin et Jean-luc Boudjedid, onepoint Partners.

A new age, a new economy

Technology breakthroughs: vehicles for major transformation

Throughout the history of humanity, technological breakthroughs have set the pace of progress in every civilisation. Such as the wheel, iron, printing, steam power, electricity and then the Internet. Those discoveries came with profound changes, transforming social and territorial organisation, institutions, trading arrangements, the economy and industry.

  • Industrial age
  • Digitale age
  • Ecosystems age

« New platforms connect to unknown ecosystems for exchanging services and cooperation. »

The changing role of consultancy

The pathfinder role of consultancy

Consultancy actors have been absent from the new age of ecosystems. The profound transformations led, for example, by bitcoin, GitHub, AirBnB, eBay etc. have not been accompanied by consultants. Consultants who did not anticipate or consider the radical
novelties of that economy. Consultancy practices have remained largely focussed on the digital economy, which itself has moved onto the standardisation stage (commodity). Consultancy has not played its pathfinder role.

The role of consultancy is to support economic actors in rolling out best practice, and particularly when paradigm shifts occur. It is with each new economic cycle that an initial stage of “vision / innovation” is required, where new approaches are created.

« There is an urgent need to equip consultancy with its new tools to help organisations enter the new economy »

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