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Performance & Change, Management Consultant - Sydney

Varouny joined onepoint in 2020 as a management consultant. She has worked in various industries in Europe, Asia and Australia, leading organisational and transformation projects, supporting companies and their teams building their strategic vision, enhancing their way of working and anchoring change. She also had the opportunity and challenge to turn a rock-climbing gym passion into an entrepreneurial endeavour. Driven by a resilient and positive attitude, she loves connecting with people and treats happiness at work as an end goal to each of her projects.

Varouny feels lucky to have a dual culture, being born in France and having Asian backgrounds. She also spent her teenage years in Bangkok, Thailand, which gave her the taste for travelling and discovering new cultures. She fell in love with Sydney while visiting Australia and decided to stay. She is now about to officially become an Aussie. As a true Frenchwoman she loves cheese, baguette, and wine, but also fried rice and lately smashed avo on sourdough. Lastly, she loves trying out new restaurants so feel free to recommend your favourite place to her!

onepoint, conseil, consultant, stratégie

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Varouny – A new concept of rock-climbing gym, which I already did and was a unique and enriching experience!

A hidden talent?

Varouny – I speak 5 languages: French, English, Thai, Khmer and Spanish

What are the three adjectives that a former client would use to describe you?

Varouny – Positive, Reliable & Resilient

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