Barrière Hotel: at the core of transformation

The Barrière Group called on onepoint to assist it in the overall transformation of the company.


Barrière is the European leader in physical casinos, a major player in hospitality (Le Normandy Hotel, Le Royal, Le Majestic, Fouquet’s, etc.) and an emblematic brand of the French way of life.

The Group has undergone significant development in four generations since its creation in 1912. However, particularly in light of the emergence of online gaming offers, new concepts and digital models for collaborative hotels and reservations (Airbnb,, etc.), and assessing the potential represented by their expertise and their brand in France and abroad, the group now wishes to transform itself around three pillars: employee experience, innovation and customer experience.

The first pillar aims to make employees brand ambassadors, the second to make the Group an innovation leader in the gambling and hospitality businesses, and finally, the customer experience pillar aims to rethink customers’ Barrière experience at every stage in their journey.

This transformation is a continuation of efforts made by several generations of visionaries, and is aimed at adapting its model to new demands and new markets.

The drive embodied by Alexandre Desseigne Barrière, the management, the transformation team and all the Group’s employees, aims to adopt technologies, organisational best practices, breakthrough models and innovations, with the aim of moving the brand and offer forward and of strengthening the organisational model.

This cross-cutting approach, both strategic and operational, has made it possible to embody, from the outset, the determination to prepare the Group’s future without jeopardising its existing assets.



Support in business transformation specifically aims to meet the challenges of changing customer expectations, competition, increase in online gaming, new hospitality concepts, and competition from digital pureplayers (Airbnb, etc.).

The mission is to design and operationalise disruptive business models, both physical and digital, which are intended to diversify the business model and create direct value for the Group.

  • 18 disruptive business models

The innovative approach implemented by a multidisciplinary, complementary team has rapidly, by combining the know-how of strategy consulting, business and technological expertise and collective intelligence, opened up the field of possibilities and capitalised on the Group’s tangible and intangible assets to design tomorrow’s disruptive business models, which generate value and are ready to be tested.


Improving the employee experience was a clearly identified priority in the group’s transformation. During a five-month mission, the Onepoint teams implemented a listening approach on a scale unprecedented in the history of the group, breaking with its culture, meeting 157 people in 31 Barrière establishments.

  • 5 months of missions
  • 31 establishments visited
  • 14 collaborative paths

Thanks to these immersions, comic strips illustrating the daily lives of employees have helped boost the group’s internal communication and reduce the perceived ‘gap’ between headquarters and those in the field. More than 300 possible ‘local’ actions have been passed on to the business activities, potentially leading to short-term improvements in employees’ daily lives by working through certain irritating factors. ‘Barrière Rituals’ were also identified through local management good practices. Finally, all of this has led to the creation or adjustment of many projects based on 5 objectives: deployment of HR levers, management transformation, reviving enthusiasm in daily work life, release of potential, long-term development.


Over 2019-2020 many results will become visible:

  • 450 managers supported to develop their leadership skills
  • A measure of employee commitment & impact of transformation projects (employee barometer)
  • A redesigned onboarding and welcoming process
  • Multi-activity experimented in pilot establishments, etc.