Designing a new vision for the Bupa people strategy

Delivering an amazing customer experience every time is the motto of the international healthcare group Bupa. In order to provide first-rate customer service, it is vital that employees feel supported and love working at Bupa.

To ensure that they stay at the top of their game, the Employee Experience team at Bupa Australia & New Zealand relied on onepoint to help them shape their future vision and strategy.

If I had to define onepoint, it would be all about enablement. It would be all about human-centred facilitation. It would be all about bringing the best thinking to the room through the use of the methodology that you employ.

Employee Experience spans the entire employee life cycle, from pre-hire work to hiring and reward, remuneration, reporting, and systems and operations through to termination.

At Bupa A&NZ, an 80-people team is in charge of maintaining and improving this process to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. With a 22,000-strong workforce across Australia and New Zealand, this can seem like a daunting task, which is why Graeme Poules, People Director, Employee Experience sought assistance to put together a future strategy for the Employee Experience team.

As Graeme explained to us, “there is a global business strategy, and then there’s a global People strategy. There’s also a local A&NZ strategy, which is focused around the 90/10 principle, which means 90% of the work is focused on day-to-day operations and effectiveness and 10% around the vision of the future.”

The idea was then to work on that 10% and come up with an Employee Experience strategy that added value to Bupa’s overall strategic position.

Graeme had conversations with several companies before making his decision to take on our services. He pointed out that “the depth of expertise that onepoint had in relation to employee experience was the selling point for me in the end.”

After the first discussions with onepoint, in the true spirit of our agile mindset we proposed a tailored version of our usual two-day workshop that could be completed within five hours.

On the day, two onepoint facilitators worked hard to walk the seven participants through the different collective thinking exercises in an engaging way, which enabled them to continue working autonomously in the late afternoon in order to consolidate the onepoint session’s takeaways and build their overall vision of the future.

Graeme highlights that for him and his team the best thing about the workshop “was that each individual exercise prompted different thinking, which then when we brought it all together at the end resulted in some really good outcomes.”

At the end of the process, they had come up with a very well aligned list of priority areas and activities over the course of one, two, and three years, aligned with the 90/10 global strategy, that helped them to redefine what it means to have good employee experience within Bupa A&NZ.

As for the qualitative difference between a) doing a facilitated workshop or b) doing it by themselves, Graeme says that the outcome of b) “would have been less valuable because the tools that the facilitators employed were good thought provokers.”

Also, “being in a workshop together gave us that sense of aligned purpose, which we kind of had but didn’t have beforehand. And it was really interesting to see how they all interconnected and worked with each other in the room as well.”

With its augmented consulting approach, onepoint enabled Bupa A&NZ’s Employee experience team to define their vision and to create the roadmap that will successfully take them there.

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