Talent Development

The Human Resources management system focuses intentionally on developing autonomy based on a few, simple principles: Altruism, Respect, Appropriation, Listening, Feedback, Teamwork and Exchange.

To this end, onepoint has put in place a Human Resources management system to encourage employees’ development throughout their career: recruitment, career management, training, onepoint school and knowledge management.

This system is anchored to two main objectives,

  • Skills development,
  • Performance measurement.

These objectives are addressed using a dual approach: individual and collective.

The personal career management of employees implies a close relationship with group-level contacts, given formal expression through tools such as project updates, annual appraisals, career interviews, etc.

Individual approach


In order to maintain a close relationship, employees regularly meet with their dedicated contacts (Partner/Leader, HR, Administrative Manager, etc.), with whom they also take monthly stock of progress on their projects.


This meeting provides a special opportunity for the employee, the Partner/Leader and Human Resources to:

  • Take stock of the previous year,
  • Set objectives for the forthcoming year.


This meeting takes place every three years on average, offering employees a moment of reflection and professional course-setting with a member of the Human Resources division and an opportunity to highlight their experience, current activities, wishes and areas for improvement.

Every employee over the age of 45 is entitled to a second-stage career interview.

Collective approach


This supports collective employee management by enabling us to analyse information on employees to determine opportunities and risks and take appropriate individual action.

This review is conducted by the Partner/Leader and Human Resources every three months, enabling us to:

  • Implement and monitor individual action,
  • Prepare annual appraisals,
  • Anticipate staff turnover,
  • Fill the training plan,
  • Take decisions regarding recruitment.


This matrix enables us to share information held within the various entities and obtain an overview of all the skills present in the Group.


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