Your First Steps at onepoint

The integration period enables new employees to accustom themselves to their new environment, learn how the group functions and forge links with their teams.

Particular attention is paid to this period of discovery and helpful reference points are proposed as part of a simple, reassuring process.

A journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step.


Recruitment Journey

As part of your integration, also expect to:

  • Meet the partners/leaders,
  • Speak in public,
  • Take part in proposals,
  • Delivery training.

This period enables you to get to know onepoint, its culture, its organisation, is contacts and its working environment, and to acquire a sense of belonging to the Group.

The partner/leader and HR manager will get to know you in order to lay the foundations of a lasting relationship and personalised career management.

We are looking for talented people with cutting-edge skills, strong commitment to the Group and an open frame of mind.
We nurture a culture of excellence and recruit people with the same outlook.

Successful integration means:

  • Confidence on the part of the new recruit,
  • Rapid adaptation,
  • Good contact with the teams,
  • A positive image of your working environment,
  • An employee who is quickly operational,
  • A satisfied employee,
  • An employee with long-term plans.

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