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Marie Gayot

Marie Gayot, an athlete specialising in the 400m, sponsored by onepoint.

Sport is, without doubt, a great unifying force. It offers emotion, passion and a collective experience in front of the show playing out in the stadium.
This is why onepoint sponsors Marie Gayot, a 22-year old athlete specialising in the 400m with a highly promising career (including taking part in the London Olympics).
Her goal: the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Athletics is a universal discipline, both popular and based on a sense of excellence, placing human values at the centre of performance.

Ysaora Thibus

Ysaora Thibus, a fencing champion sponsored by onepoint and qualified for the 2016 Olympics.

Ysaora Thibus is a French fencing champion who has been fencing since the age of seven. At only 24, she has already won 15 medals and is ranked 5th in the world.

Outstanding performances achieved while at the same time pursuing her studies. A masters degree in Management at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris business school.

After her victory last October in Cancun and the world cup in Algiers, Ysaora has recently qualified to take part in the Rio Olympic Games this summer.

Congratulations to Ysaora and we hope to see her win a medal in August in Rio.

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Respecting your opponent, respecting the rules and proving your courage are basic values in fencing, in addition to self-control and creativity.

Aladdin project


The Aladdin Project was launched under the patronage of UNESCO in March 2009 and has since obtained the support of a thousand intellectuals, academics and public figures from over 50 countries of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. A number of global leaders and international organisations have also stated their support for the Aladdin Project.



The originality of this project lied in its method, which consists in familiarising people from different cultures with the history, religion and culture of others, in their own language using relevant resources and new technologies.


The Aladdin Project lies at the crossroads of onepoint’s values, human resources, sites and know-how:

  • its values, i.e. diversity and tolerance, knowledge of others and continuous training
  • its human resources, as diversity is a key feature of our teams; diversity of origins, cultures and religions
  • its sites, as onepoint works both with Israel and with the Arab world
  • its know-how, as onepoint provides solutions to enterprises and government authorities based on technological excellence. New technologies are a fabulous vector for transferring knowledge and for changing attitudes and habits.

Onepoint hopes to take real action with regard to its social and moral responsibility, by supporting work to facilitate a better understanding between different cultures and religions.


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