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Consumer uses and concerns have evolved in recent years, and have accompanied an awareness of limited resources and our responsibility in the act of purchasing.

Onepoint advocates agility and creativity to approach progress in a sustainable manner, from upstream (producers and cooperatives) to downstream (industries and distributors).

Thus, companies in the sector have to evolve the offer to meet an increasingly responsible demand, and win the confidence of consumers through traceability. But they must also optimise their performance, digitise new services to support new uses and take advantage of the potential of data.

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To optimize the current business model and increase performance.


To capture trends and accompany you in tomorrow's markets.

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European leader in bakery, pastry and confectionery products

Context and need

Following the Soufflet Group's takeover of the Neuhauser Group (one of the leaders in the Viennese Industrial Bakery sector), onepoint was asked to support the integration and secure the objectives (operational and business synergies, operational excellence, mobilisation of staff, etc.).


We have proposed a balanced approach between achieving short-term results (a guarantee of mobilization) and initiating structuring projects (strategic vision). The project has been defined around 8 exhaustive workshops on key themes to be addressed within ~100 days following the closing.


The approach implemented has enabled the identification of a substantial envelope of quick-wins, achieved in 12 months. This included: safety, purchasing, material yield, TRS, etc. Monthly monitoring made it possible to track these gains.



Formalization of the vision and ambitions of the Agricultural Cluster in 2030 for a European Cooperative

Context and need

The Agricultural Division's business is facing major challenges, particularly environmental and societal ones. In this context, we have been asked by Management to define and formalize the strategic response to each of the major trends up to 2030.


We identified the priority trends and issues by interviewing experts and farmers, then co-constructed with the agricultural cooperative the responses to the key issues before formalising the vision and ambitions of the Agricultural Cluster in 2030, via an adapted Design Thinking approach.


Trends and orientations of the Agricultural Division, including an external vision (trends impacting Euralis in 2030), an internal vision (staff survey and interviews) and a collective projection (workshop summaries), for the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and General Meeting.


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