Business Communities

The concept of Community forms the core of our new organisation.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Players in the financial sector face complex challenges with several unknowns:
Adapting to strong regulatory pressures weighing on costs and business development
Standing up to Fintechs and other GAFAs competing with them across all business segments
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Digital technology lies at the heart of the energy transition, and the energy community therefore supports its customers in transforming their business model, processes and information systems in order to meet future challenges.
Our primary objective is to be a key partner for our customers when it comes to energy transition, digital innovation, digital transformation and Big & Smart Data.
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Advances in and access to technology have changed consumer habits and behaviour.
The retail sector is currently traversing a critical period: an evolution towards omnichannel retailing and a challenging of the role and value of bricks and mortar.
Technology is a fantastic catalyst for rendering business more competitive and agile, but this transformation also has an impact on the retailer’s entire structure.
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Public Sector

A complex environment:
Implementing the digital revolution against a background of major budgetary constraints
Public service schemes covering extensive perimeters, with a high level of visibility
Heterogeneous nature of players and of technical assets
Cumbersome legal framework (e.g. issues regarding open data, the French Public Procurement code, etc.)
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The telecommunications sector is being increasingly revolutionised by new technologies and new uses: Consumers want to be connected in a mobile, rapid and continuous manner.
Operators are under increasing pressure to constantly renew their offers and services, like contextualised services based on subscribers’ data.
Some are focusing on the convergence of content pipelines… others aren’t!
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A complicated context, with very different issues facing passenger and freight transport:
On the passenger side, a total transformation of usage, and massification placing pressure on operations
On the freight side, ever increasing consolidation of the sector, with ever lower prices for increasingly complex offers.
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The media is facing the arrival of a multitude of players into its ecosystem, in which each individual is their own vehicle for communication. Gaining a better understanding of the audience and their behaviour with regards to producing and consuming content poses real challenges. The constant angling for positioning, coupled with delinearisation, are forcing companies in the sector to seek a better understanding of their audiences and their behaviour in producing and consuming content and media information.
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