Banking, Finance & Insurance

Players in the financial sector face complex challenges with several unknowns:

  • Adapting to strong regulatory pressures weighing on costs and business development
  • Standing up to Fintechs and other GAFAs competing with them across all business segments
  • Reinventing their business model, rationalising existing resources and investing in the future: digital technology, big data and cloud computing
  • Our community is equipped to support them with each of these challenges

Ambition & Value

The Banking, Finance & Insurance community is a mix of business legitimacy, technological expertise and agility.

Our ambition is to be a market leader and key partner for our customers

We have the resources to design and help them build their new business model.

Our aim:

offer our talent the best collective environment to innovate, create and achieve professional fulfilment.

  • Proximity to customers
  • Broad offer
  • Operational experience
  • Creativity
  • Delivery


Our customers benefit from the power of our business community and the wide range of services offered by the group’s service communities:

  • Managing, steering and implementing complex projects from a very early stage
  • Industry-specific expertise: customer relations, business development, operational efficiency, regulatory, finance & risk and continuous auditing
  • Supporting our customers’ technological projects along the entire value chain: IT strategy, architecture, project ownership, project management, testing, application support and infrastructure
  • Our services can be packaged in the form of unitary or grouped technical assistance, fixed-price contracts, skills or service centres on site or at our premises

Facts & Figures


in Paris


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Examples of projects

  • Support for the Agile transformation of Compliance with the creation of a Service Centre, 40+ consultants in less than 1 year of transformation
  • Technological Expertise Service Centre, 40+ expert architects in 12 months
  • Design and management of a project to overhaul the OST system (process, organisation, target architecture, steering)
  • CRM Development Service Centre, 10 .net experts
  • Change management support, 10+ consultants