Advances in and access to technology have changed consumer habits and behaviour.

The retail sector is currently traversing a critical period: an evolution towards omnichannel retailing and a challenging of the role and value of bricks and mortar.

Technology is a fantastic catalyst for rendering business more competitive and agile, but this transformation also has an impact on the retailer’s entire structure.

Ambition & Value

We believe in retailers’ capacity for innovation and adaptation.

We provide support and pragmatic solutions tailored to each retailer according to the challenges it faces and its corporate culture.

Our positioning: aligning technical and business teams, and actively listening to our customers in order to support them in their transformation to omnichannel retailing.


  • Digital Services Centre in agile mode
  • Support for the omnichannel transformation of IS and business lines (impact analysis, change management, action plan)
  • Monitoring of the retail market, meeting with European retailers
  • Omnichannel-oriented supply chain
  • Customer analysis and knowledge, how to use this data to drive business

Facts & Figures

50 consultants


growth in 3 years


in NRP, THE retail show


in constant evolution and innovation

Examples of projects

• Contribution to optimising the profit margin by the implementation of analytical tools
• Implementation of continuous integration in the field of payment collection
• Agile collaboration with sales & marketing to improve the customer experience