Public Sector

A complex environment:

  • Implementing the digital revolution against a background of major budgetary constraints
  • Public service assignments covering extensive perimeters, with a high level of visibility
  • Heterogeneous nature of players and of technical assets
  • Cumbersome legal framework (e.g. issues regarding open data, the French Public Procurement Code, etc.)

Ambition & Value

The Public Sector community offers customers an approach combining consulting / added value, ‘delivery‘ skills, transparency and pragmatism. Our duty to advise and sense of ethics form an integral part of our approach.

Our ability to prepare and steer change is based on our extensive expertise in public sector and technological professions.


  • Offer of services / support for market monitoring, responding to tenders, and fixed-price contracts in the public field.
  • Contribution towards capitalisation of the group’s skills, particularly by the drafting of memoranda.
  • Development of a network of public players, business development

Facts & Figures



to complex tenders per year

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man hours

delivered per year

Examples of projects

    • Development of our Consulting and Project Owner Assistance activities
    • Implementation of pilots and PoCs at a very early stage for major public sector accounts, to help them in their reflections.