The telecommunications sector is being increasingly revolutionised by new technologies and new uses: consumers want to be connected in a mobile, rapid and continuous manner.

Operators are under increasing pressure to constantly renew their offers and services, like contextualised services based on subscribers’ data.

Some are focusing on the convergence of content pipelines… others aren’t!

Ambition & Value

The Telecom community supports operators and construction firms in their digital transformations thanks to our knowledge of the telecom professions, our agility and our working methods, as well as our expertise in new technologies, enabling us to offer the right solution and a first-rate partnership.

Innovation – both in terms of business model and technological solutions

Excellence – talents within the community

Attentiveness – to others, to customers, to weak signals and to behaviour


  • Contribution to group innovation: Gop Lab, ongoing improvement workshops, etc.
  • Expertise in fixed and mobile telecoms, deployment of activation chains, 4G deployment, convergence, online store, selfcare, billing and mediation, etc.
  • Big Data expertise in a telecom context, both in France and internationally
  • Expert in SCRUM or KANBAN Agile project management

Facts & Figures



per month

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man hours

delivered per year

Examples of projects

  • Management of the onepoint Datalab: Predictive modelling in real time (e.g. CityBike)
  • Operation and administration of a Big Data platform
  • Expertise in the deployment of Semsoft and aggrego portals, from support to types of offer
  • Design and development of an embedded application