Regional Communities

The concept of Community forms the core of our new organisation.

Atlantic France

Nantes is a dynamic and attractive metropolis for Business (large corporations, SMEs and innovative companies)
The Atlantic community:
Has extensive experience in output-based operations
Offers Clients a combination of quality, proximity and competitiveness
Has renowned expertise
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South West France

What sets us apart is our agility, adaptability and expertise:
Questioning existing models and developing our own
Attracting new talent and retaining the best
Developing skills
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North Belgium

The North Belgium Community focuses in particular on:
Carrying out projects efficiently, productively and to the best level of quality
Capitalising on the specific software development expertise and experience of its consultants
Forging relationships with our clients based on partnership
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South Belgium

The South Belgium Community is situated in Brussels and focuses in particular on:
Developing its image as leader in Microsoft technology in Belgium by capitalising on its level of excellence, in particular through its Training Centre
Carrying out projects from A to Z with attention to quality, budget and schedule
Listening to clients to ensure the long-term nature of relationships with clients and partners
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The Canada community intends:
To broaden its customer base and diversify into new sectors
To develop its virtualisation, digitisation and BI offer
To listen to the market and keep up with innovation to offer clients the best technological solutions
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Innovating and diversifying in an agile market, a laboratory in Europe:
Ranked 2nd worldwide for investment fund management
Striving to position the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a European logistics platform (
Innovation at the core of a national process to render practices more agile
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Onepointers in The Netherlands believe in a world where people can work and communicate at any location, at any time using any particular (virtual) device. For us it is natural to use the most optimal connectivity highway in an independent and flexible manner. The Dutch Onepointers make communication and work a real pleasure for end-users and IT departments.”
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