Atlantic France

Nantes is a dynamic and attractive metropolis for Business (large corporations, SMEs and innovative companies)

The Atlantic community:

  • Has extensive experience in output-based operations
  • Offers Clients a combination of quality, proximity and competitiveness
  • Has renowned expertise (JS Architectures, Microsoft Technologies, Mobility ([Android, iOS, W.Phone], Big Data, Agility, Devops)
  • Is involved in digital innovation (TUG events, Nantes Digital Week, etc.) and the Group’s innovation communities

Ambition & Value

  • Increase regional production across all the Group’s markets
  • Become a regional leader by reinforcement and extension
  • Contribute to innovation within the Group for tomorrow’s markets

The community’s values lie in:

  • Its ability to always combine high levels of competitiveness, quality, transparency and openness, industrialisation and agility for its clients
  • The stimulation and freeing of the energy, initiative, creativity, and commitment of its teams in the interests of the quality and service provided to the Client and their well-being within the Business


  • Production Centre: Skills Centre, Build, pooled technical assistance (ATG), third-party application maintenance (TMA), third-party software testing (TRA)
  • Agile Production Centre: Scrum, Kanban
  • IT Consulting, Expertise, Engineering

Facts &Figures



and certified Experts

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in the Production Centre

Examples of projects

  • Development Expertise Centre (Build and Run) for the entire Group for Web Open Source and Microsoft (.NET, Sharepoint and BI) technologies. GOLD Microsoft certified production centre.
  • New Javascript Isomorphe Technical Architecture
  • Mobility (native applications and Responsive Web Design) pilot projects
  • Big Data Lab (in partnership with Dataiku)
  • Implementation of a Multi-Technology Grouped Technical Assistance contract (.NET/SharePoint/Mobility) and support for Big Data technologies (Datavizz)
  • Implementation of an Apprenticeship Tax solution using innovative technologies (ExTJS) in Agile mode.
  • Multi-application third-party maintenance