The Canada community intends:

  • To broaden its customer base and diversify into new sectors
  • To develop its virtualisation, digitisation and BI offer
  • To listen to the market and keep up with innovation to offer clients the best technological solutions

Ambition & Value

  • Obtain recognition for onepoint Canada’s IT expertise among Canadian and global banking institutions
  • Acquire new North American clients in various business sectors
  • Develop our partnerships with innovative enterprises
  • Increase our ‘project’ references and promote our service centre
  • Promote our values


  • Present our expertise specific to the banking sector: Risk and security management; creation of trading tools, etc.
  • Establishing collaboration, mutual assistance and goodwill with our partners and clients to build long-term relationships

Facts &Figures

70 local employees

30 seconded employees

1 service centre

Java and .Net expertise

Proximity with the USA

Examples of projects

  • Operational support manager: Project to migrate operational infrastructure support positions from the NY offices to Montréal. Creation of a multi-disciplinary team to act as an extension of the teams NY teams.
  • Virtualisation project (Vmware): Creation and implementation of a platform to manage and automate the life cycle of development environments for each milestone (development, testing, QA, staging and production)