Service Communities

The concept of Community forms the core of our new organisation.


In an economic environment where implementation lead time and a company’s ability to bounce back are determining factors, large corporations dream of being as responsive and efficient as start-ups in implementing their digital projects. As the same time, responsive start-ups dream of doing business with major corporations.
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Innovation Management

Technology has sparked an unprecedented evolution in our models. So as not to lose sight of the meaning and aims of these changes, we need to design Human Centric approaches, based on the simple belief that the solution lies in how human beings use things. This Human Centric approach makes innovation very contextual to each environment.
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A complex context:
The world is changing faster than we are capable of understanding
Methods, technology and business are constantly evolving and the types of expertise are increasing
The group is growing and our ability to mobilise the best team is reduced
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Change Management

A changing world:
An ecosystem forced to constantly transform itself, coupled with a constant mismatch between our desire to evolve and our ability to implement change
Increasingly mature and demanding customers
An area in which our competitors are increasingly present.
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Qualification & Testing

The community must be ready to respond to increasingly complex challenges:
New usages brought about by the digitisation of markets (connected objects, mobility, etc.)
Validation of multi-application integrated systems
Optimisation and acceleration of validation processes
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The community must be ready to take on new generation infrastructure:
Infrastructure abstraction via simplified APIs to banalise hardware
Generalisation of software intelligence by fully programmable infrastructures
Pursuit of convergence towards Self Service Cloud infrastructures
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Lean & Agile

Transforming the way in which people work by helping organisations become more efficient, responsive and happy, based on Lean and Agile values.
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Software Engineering

Software is increasingly omnipresent, a phenomenon that is accelerating and affecting all sectors.
Managing software engineering is about understanding the customer’s business to design and manage software in all its forms: in the firm’s IS, on the Net, embedded, in communication channels, etc.
The composition of cloud services is shifting the focus of software engineering towards design, training and communication and away from language.
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Big Data

We believe that in a digitised world, mastering information, i.e. usefully exploiting available (proprietary or public) data, is a key issue for our customers.
In order to meet this formidable challenge, our customers need modern technology that they can read and operate, as well as support to identify new examples of uses and concrete sources of value.
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IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

Technological transformations are reinventing firms’ businesses and processes. They therefore need to constantly upgrade their enterprise architecture and the role of information systems to integrate organisational, methodological and technological innovations in order to remain competitive.
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Process, Risk & Compliance

Improving business management means, in particular, mastering processes better, implementing a risk approach and promoting a culture of control and improvement.
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Digital Transformation

Leveraging new technologies to improve customer experience or increase their clients’ operational and commercial performance is a powerful opportunity for today’s companies.
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Not only “design agile,” but also “be agile.” That’s what Onepoint architects believe in, and it’s one of their values.
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