Software Engineering

Software is increasingly omnipresent, a phenomenon that is accelerating and affecting all sectors.

Managing software engineering is about understanding the customer’s business to design and manage software in all its forms: in the firm’s IS, on the Net, embedded, in communication channels, etc.

The composition of cloud services is shifting the focus of Software Engineering towards design, training and communication and away from language.

Software engineering teams not only know how to develop software, but also how to make sense of the business.

Ambition & Value

The Software Engineering Community aims to understand and adapt to the ‘softwarisation’ of the world, by reducing the initial implementation cost and making it linear:

  • Start small and fast
  • Capable of gaining force and functional richness
  • For a reasonable cost
  • With a CAPEX rather than OPEX oriented Run


  • Technology watch and ‘cloud’ services
  • Technical expertise for languages: JEE, C# .Net, Javascript, Python, PHP, etc.
  • Spread of innovations to Frameworks and development patterns
  • Service continuity assurance and support regarding technological breaks

Facts & Figures


production sites


of code per month

Examples of projects

  • Diplomacy Portal & Node.js Framework: Communication portal 2.0 for embassy staff & creation of the ministry’s polymorph development framework
  • Development of migration and orchestration tools for the General Public client pool
  • Maintenance and development of penal system tools
  • Creation and maintenance of the Front Development Framework
  • Development of iOS and Android applications (vehicle configurator, dealer, etc.)