A complex context:

  • The world is changing faster than we are capable of understanding
  • Methods, technology and business are constantly evolving and the types of expertise are increasing
  • The group is growing and our ability to mobilise the best team is reduced

Ambition & Value

The aim of the Solutions community is to organise cross-disciplinary experts from all communities to obtain information on markets and on our know-how in order to be able to offer the best solutions to our clients, prospective clients and projects.

We want the community’s value to lie in its ability to find the best way to set us apart from our competitors.


  • Contribution towards group innovation: Gop Lab, ongoing improvement workshops, pre-sales, hackathons, startups
  • Assisting teams in presenting and utilising the group’s range of offers and possibilities
  • Participation in pre-sales, projects and assignments requiring ‘general expertise with a speciality’ profiles.
  • Synthesis of value provided/perceived and identification of future success

Facts & Figures



per month


studied per month

Examples of projects

  • Management of GOP LAB: Robotics with Buddy Robot, Indoor Geolocalisation
  • Participation in the development of start-ups (temporary employment, services and logistics sectors)
  • Participation in innovation with our clients (laboratory process, PoC process, etc.)