At the core of our new organisation.

What is a Community?

The concept of Community forms the core of our new organisation.

A Community is an open space where our business, technological and functional expertise can grow and thrive, supporting both the Business and the personal fulfilment of each individual.

Each Community is an autonomous structure with its own resources, our investments, and is responsible for its own performance.é-1.jpg

Our philosophy

Our philosophy corresponds to the values that reign within our company:
Transparency, commitment and diversity, as well as resilience, which requires a collaborative, creative approach based on exchange, enabling us to ignite the spark of innovation.

Instead of an organisation according to Business Unit or sector, limiting us to a particular skill and pigeonholing us within a rigid model, we therefore work alongside each other in open communities.

Four Main Families of Communities

Business Communities, with a Bank Community, a Finance Community, an Insurance Community, a Public Sector Community, an Industry Community covering energy, transport, healthcare and retail, and a Services, Media and Telecom Community.

Service Communities such as change management, architecture, solutions, infrastructure, software quality, security, Big Data, digital technology, IT governance, start-ups, etc.

Support Communities covering human resources and communications, finance and management control, business development and marketing, information systems and the Industrial Division.

And finally, Geographical Communities, organised according to region or country, with a strong local base.

We all belong to several Communities.


Understanding and anticipating your needs to offer you the right solutions.

Business Communities


Consolidating our growth levers (Excellence/Resilience/Attractiveness).

Support Communities


Reinforcing the responsiveness and agility of our organisation by focusing on proximity.

Regional Communities


Developing and maintaining our high level of expertise to anticipate future business applications made possible by new technology.

Service Communities

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