Our structure


Our community-based structure creates synergies and fosters cross-functional collaboration.

Onepoint relies on collaboration autonomy to weave the fabric of our ecosystem, developing our talents and creativity.

Our communities, inspired by the network effect, allow free access across all our expertises.

This innovative organisational model breaks down traditional boundaries between activities and business units to promote cross-functional exchanges and collective intelligence. We pool skills to enable our multidisciplinary teams to offer our customers end-to-end support.

Our business, technology, methodology, and functional expertise lives and thrives at the heart of these open communities.

It is through the constant interaction of these communities with one another that we can have a global and seamless vision of the issues we tackle. This cross-functional collaboration encourages the skills development and personal fulfilment of every employee, who can work in different areas of expertise and join any number of communities.

At onepoint, we support global transformation by transforming the way we work.