Onepoint and Credit Agricole are launching CoPass

Crédit Agricole and onepoint are jointly launching the digital platform COPASS to protect employees and ensure a safe return to business

Crédit Agricole, through its innovation investment fund FIRECA, and onepoint, a leading company in digital transformation, have entered into a joint venture agreement to develop the digital platform COPASS, which offers simple and tailored solutions for all companies to ensure a renewed work organisation that improves health and safety.

Based on a bond of trust between a company, its employees and its trade unions, COPASS assigns each employee a work protocol tailored to their individual situation on the basis of an assessment of their vulnerability to Covid-19.

The degree of sensitivity to Covid-19 of each employee will be assessed via an individual health questionnaire designed in close collaboration with public health authorities, following the recommendations of the French Commission on Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) and in strict compliance with applicable laws regarding patient confidentiality.

The result of the questionnaire will feature a QR code whose colour will determine a work protocol: continue to work from home, return to the premises on alternate work hours, return to the premises as part of a smaller team, have a screening test done… Multiple possibilities that will correspond to actual circumstances across any industry and that will be defined by the companies that choose to deploy this platform for their employees.

The assessment of an individual’s sensitivity may evolve in real-time and in a completely transparent manner according to their situation and health as well as to the official recommendations of the French Ministry of Health, which will take into account new information about the virus such as immunity criteria and risk of relapse.

COPASS is not a digital tracking or geolocation solution in any way. The sole source of data are the employees themselves, and the questionnaire will only be transmitted to healthcare professionals.

According to Serge Madeleine, Crédit Agricole’s Head of IT and Digital Transformation, “COPASS will be a valuable asset for economic recovery. It enables companies to manage work organisation in a way that takes the individual circumstances of their employees into account to improve their health and safety.”

David Layani, founder and President of onepoint points out that

COPASS aims to mitigate the new health risks posed by Covid-19 by offering each employee the same tool, the same degree of security, and the same freedom to move around. This is our raison d'être: to put technology at the service of humans.