Recruitment Journey

Imagine together the world of consulting and services of tomorrow, in which innovation flows from collaboration by each individual, in which mobility is not only geographical, in which day-to-day work is driven by passion and enthusiasm in a pleasant, friendly environment, where all forms of talent are given space to develop through projects and publications (articles, blogs, conferences, etc.).

Joining onepoint means:

  • Joining a highly demanding company,
  • Forming part of a team in which excellence equals skills and performance,
  • Finally having the opportunity to prove what you are capable of and pushing your limits on a daily basis,
  • Entering a world in which you are not alone but where you form part of a team of experts, putting your talents to work on an ambitious, collaborative project.

We are looking for talented people with cutting-edge skills, strong commitment to the Group and an open frame of mind.
We nurture a culture of excellence and recruit people with the same outlook.

When we hire you, our teams get to work before your arrival to ensure that the quality of your integration matches your potential.


  • Needs analysis Definition of the position

  • Sourcing

  • Applicant assessment

  • Invitation to interview

  • 1st HR interview and Technical Challenge

  • 2nd interview with management

  • Recruitment


Joining onepoint also means contributing to the reinforcement of our expertise by bringing in new potential and talent.

Up to now, cooptation has proved to be the most effective recruitment channel in terms of the pertinence of applicant profiles. This is because those who know us best and know best how to describe what we do are our employees themselves.

Join us and coopt the talented people you find.


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