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Anne Phommaly

Resilience and Crisis Management Manager

It still seems impossible until it is done.

At onepoint since 2018, I appreciate the dynamic of being together, we are more efficient than isolated.

Anne’s experience

My career path is quite hybrid: I have navigated between the fields of finance and IT (MIAGE). Without retracing my entire career, I would say that I have evolved in the IT spheres with several hats: IT audit, IT project management, internal risk consulting and ISS, continuity and crisis management manager…

Today at onepoint, I am working to transmit my passion for the development of organizations towards a more fluid model that reduces the impacts caused by major changes.

A hidden talent?

Anne – Cooking, a great opportunity to get together!

How was your typical day?

Anne – There is no such thing! Every day is different. This is what makes consulting so charming!

The emotion that best represents you and why?

Anne – Empathy! It seems to me essential to know the people around us in order to collaborate better with them.

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