Nos talents Sud-Ouest

Dominique Clairac

Technical Architect Leader

Impossible only means that you have not yet found the solution

At onepoint since 2015, I appreciate the open-mindedness that drives me to undertake and carry out projects.

Dominique’s experience

I have a degree in AI Engineering and Robotics. I then worked for 4 years in a startup (IT security), then 9 years at SQLI before joining onepoint.

Today at onepoint, I work on transversal projects – AVV – POC and I am in charge of Red Hat & IBM partnerships.

What are the projects or challenges in which you take the most pride?

Dominique – The next one, it would be a shame to think he’s already passed.

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Dominique – A Home Automation As A Service company. Too many different solutions and complexity when there are standards – I have been working on the subject of home automation for several months in my house.

Explain your job to us?

Dominique – I help people in companies to understand and prepare for tomorrow

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