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Dominique Rembusch


Don't try to do everything. Do one thing right.

At onepoint since 2011, I appreciate being listened to and heard when I express my expectations, and being given the opportunity to work on projects that interest me.

Dominique’s experience

I started as a developer in 1988 at Unilog. In 20 years I have participated in many projects in many different fields, implementing many different technologies.
I evolved into the position of architect.

Today at onepoint, I am an architect, working on different projects in various fields.
I also help with recruitment by regularly meeting candidates to understand
their expectations, assess their level, and answer their questions.

A hidden talent?

Dominique – No hidden talent. I’m just being super ordinary:)

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Dominique – A robotics company in the field of permaculture.

The sentence you say all the time at work?

Dominique – What, it’s already the end of the day?!

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