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Jonathan Dourlent

Cloud, Operation & System Consultant

Technology alone is not enough

At onepoint since 2018, I appreciate the freedom of initiative!

Jonathan’s experience

After 3 years as an apprentice engineer at the Rectorate of Limoges, I joined onepoint.

Today at onepoint, I work as a consultant on Digital Workspace projects, intranet/portal design for companies and collaborative spaces, cloud development (Office 365, SharePoint, Azure), migration to the Azure/Office 365 cloud, as well as internal micro-training projects.

What are the projects or challenges in which you take the most pride?

Jonathan – Propose simple, clean solutions… and which sometimes surprise my most experienced colleagues.

The emotion that best represents you and why?

Jonathan – Calm, because it is the best state of mind to open up to others.

What are the three adjectives that a former client would use to describe you?

Jonathan – Top, efficient, heroic

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