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Lucile Thienot


If you are different from me, far from damaging you, i'll increase you

At onepoint since 2018, I appreciate the respect and emphasis on the diversity of our employees

Lucile’s experience

I have a master’s degree in engineering from the Computer Science Specialty Software Engineering at ENSERIB – MATMECA in Pessac. After two internships at CGI and EDF, I joined onepoint.

Today at onepoint, I am working on a project for the Caisse des dépôts et consignations..

The emotion that best represents you and why?

Lucile – Caution. I make a point of systematically taking a step back from my ideas, my work and everything around me. I think that certainties are dangerous and that it is important to know how to constantly question oneself in order to improve and make the best possible decisions.

Can you tell us what you do for a living?

Lucile – Companies need IT tools to improve their performance and their daily life and I write this software. My job is to write this software.

Your typical day?

Lucile – As a developer, I don’t have a clearly defined typical day. My days vary according to the tasks I have to perform, from discussions with the client, design, exchanges with my colleagues and development. I would say that there is one moment in my day that is essential for me: board games between noon and two. This allows me to make a real break, to provoke meetings and to create a good atmosphere between colleagues.Translated with (free version)

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