Marine Perroteau

Developer - Nantes

At onepoint since 2017, I appreciate the kindness

Marine’s experience

I started my professional career, as an assistant project manager for the redesign of an insurance broker application and then in a service company (Axoa Paris) with maintenance/development on SharePoint/.NET for 2 years. I continued on maintenance/development.NET on applications in the industrial field (Airbus) and banking (Informatique banque populaire) in a service company (Infotel).

Today at onepoint, I work on Industrial / C# /.NET development projects.


« We have two lives and the second one starts when we realize we only have on »

Explain your job to us?

Marine – Developing an application is a bit like being an architect. The customer has a need, and we must build the application that best meets that need. And unlike a house, the application will be virtual!

What is your highest professional quality?

Marine – Listening to the customer

What’s your typical day?

Marine – Daily meeting in the morning, otherwise no particular typical day, it evolves all the time!

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