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Marion Jestin

Designer Manager

When we are looking at a sunset the people over there are looking at a dawn

At onepoint since 2015, I appreciate my team above all!

Marion is a “supercollective” expert

One of the greatest challenges in our projects today is to align the imaginations of many very different people: collaborators, users, experts, citizens… However, this work makes it possible to reveal to all the participants and actors of these approaches the futures they imagine.

Above all, it is a large collaborative puzzle based on fragile visions that must be reassembled. To give a place to each imaginary, to allow each idea to sprout, to put it in perspective with the imaginary of others and to give meaning to all this.

A hidden talent?

Marion – I make macaroons of which I am rather proud (and my colleagues appreciate it)

How would you describe your job?

Marion – I study the future and help companies to distinguish between a good and a bad idea to make life easier for their employees and customers by making them come true.

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Marion – A publishing house for educational kits enabling students to learn to learn throughout their school and professional lives

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