Mohamed Zergaoui

Senior Data Expert - Paris

At onepoint since 2019, I appreciate the great potential.

Mohamed’s experience

I have a master’s degree in math and computer science. I worked as a Project Manager for 5 years, then as a Business Manager for 13 years.

Today at onepoint, I work on white paper projects, as a Referent on service centers, on Cloud architecture, Data Architecture and Data Modeling.


« Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. »


The emotion that best represents you and why?

Mohamed – Empathy and putting myself in the shoes of others.

What are the three adjectives that a former client would use to describe you?

Mohamed – Passionate, go-getter and stubborn.

What is the most constructive criticism we’ve ever had to make of you?

Mohamed – Telling me that this is impossible is usually a good start.

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