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Pauline Audinet

Innovation and Agility Manager

Although we have our heart at work, art is long and time is short

At onepoint since 2016, I appreciate the freedom we are given, the flexibility and kindness of relations.

Pauline’s experience:

I followed a double training course, in Product and Service Design at the École Boulle, then in Marketing and Digital Management at ESSEC. I was a UX designer at Orange Labs, assistant product manager in International Development Marketing at L’Oréal. These experiences have made me want to pursue my career in strategy and structuring innovation activities.

Today at onepoint, I am discovering every day more and more the complexity of organizations and the beautiful challenges they have to face for the future.

A hidden talent?

Pauline – Sewing, I sew myself full of clothes

Explain your job to us?

Pauline – I design, not on the scale of an object, but on the scale of an organization, with the same desire to build a framework that is desirable for collaborators and users.

The emotion that best represents you and why?

Pauline – The urgent need to move quickly, to change things, to change habits.

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