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Samuel Bernier


Just Do it.

At onepoint since 2016, I appreciate the kindness of people.

Samuel is a design expert

Design at onepoint is becoming increasingly important and has become a strategic issue. Since January 2017 we have inaugurated the Livepoint in which there is an experimentation and modeling workshop (FabLab) which very quickly allowed us to approach new project typologies: object design, space design, facilitation tools design, testing new technologies…

We have developed our own co-design methodology to differentiate ourselves in the market and address our clients’ issues differently.

What is the most constructive criticism we’ve ever had to make of you?

Samuel – Ideas are good… but they only have value when they are put into practice.

What are the projects or challenges in which you take the most pride?

Samuel – There are so many: the community service mission, the furniture design for the Startup Totem, the Meetup Grand Match, the RedBull Soapbox Race sponsored by onepoint.

What is your highest professional quality?

Samuel – The desire to build!

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