Nos talents Paris

Vincent Gicquiau

Technical Architect

I am like an architect in buildings: I make the plans of a SI then we build

I did a professional master’s degree, alternately, as a technical architect at CFA INSTA and IMERYS as “System Administrator” for 3 years.

At the end of my studies in 2013, I returned to Arismore, a SSII specialized in enterprise architecture and security, as a technical architect, acquired by Accenture in 2017.

While I was looking for a more human-sized company, one of my former mission colleagues introduced me to onepoint and I was quickly seduced by the state of mind and beliefs. I ended up joining the “architecture” community and notably integrate the architecture services center within Société Générale.

Explain your job to us!

Vincent – I’m like a general physician but in computer science. I know a lot about computers but not in detail. However, as soon as I need a precise advice, I call upon a specialist.

The emotion that best represents you and why?

Vincent – Serenity because the most important thing is to be optimistic, to remain calm and to step back.

A hidden talent?

Vincent – The guitar (but don’t expect Eddie Van Halen or Eric)

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