Sustainable cities : Inter-disciplinary challenge – Spring 2021

Onepoint and Manadvise recently had the honor to organize a challenge for students of ESCP and Polytechnique on a very topical subject “Sustainable Cities”.

Let’s dive into it with this paper and see the students’ amazing projects 

Why the sustainable cities challenge?

Whereas urban areas cover about 3% of the landscape on Earth, they account for about 80% of energy consumption and produce around 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. In a world where by 2050, more than two-thirds of the population will live in urbanized spaces, we share the responsibility of designing healthy and sustainable buildings to serve and meet the needs of all their occupants. Buildings must become a vector of well-being for their occupants, by offering digital services that will make life easier for the people who visit and work there as well as for those who operate and manage them. Therefore, implementing concrete innovations to accelerate the development of sustainable cities is both a requirement and an extraordinary opportunity to reach sustainable development targets and objectives….

Auteur : onepoint

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