Podcast #2 – Strategic Operational Resilience: ‘The Rubik’s Cube Approach to Navigating Change’

In this episode, we explore digital and financial transformation with Tobias, a distinguished leader with over two decades of experience worldwide. Tobias delves into the critical topic of operational resilience, particularly in light of the APRA CPS 230 regulation, underscoring its implications for Australian financial entities.

With a rich background in guiding organisations through change, Tobias stresses the value of a people-centric approach amidst technological evolution. He introduces the innovative “Rubik’s Cube” strategy for mastering operational resilience, highlighting the pivotal roles of communication and community in achieving regulatory compliance and fostering a resilient organisational culture.

Listen as Tobias offers strategic insights for financial institutions navigating the complexities of digital transformation and regulatory adherence, emphasising that the path to success in today’s dynamic landscape lies in adaptability and a deep understanding of technology and human dynamics.