Launch of the onepoint Institute 

Onepoint is a unique player that combines technology and human expertise, to support the digital transformation of its clients. As a key driver of major transformations for businesses and public entities, onepoint provides guidance, from strategy to technological implementation. Its role is to co-design new models with clients to support sustainable growth, based on the use of digital technologies. 

Onepoint institute, a cross-functional entity, aims to support disruptive innovators – researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and players in innovation ecosystems – who tackle present and future challenges. The institute positions itself as the bridge between research, education, and entrepreneurial innovation. In short, it connects the world of research with the business needs of its clients, and partners, to implement new growth drivers and enrich the company’s model. 

Facilitating the development and scaling of technological and scientific projects within onepoint, the institute draws on a deep understanding of transformation drivers, such as data, AI, platforms, mixed realities, and more.

Official launch of the Institute in September 2022 


The institute combines economic goals with addressing important societal challenges of the 21st century, aiming to generate assets while accelerating projects related to technology and transformation issues. This will ensure cross-functionality, coherence, and influence of the group’s activities, on top of developing new collaboration models that align with valuing its activities and those of onepoint’s partners.