Singapore, onepoint’s South-East Asian headquarters

Press release by SEA RHQ, published in October 2023

We are pleased to announce Groupe Onepoint’s decision to set up Singapore as its South-East Asian headquarters. Onepoint is a global niche management and technology consultancy (3,700 staff) born 20+ years ago in Paris. Its Singapore office was launched in 2019 under the same distinctive operating model: a simplified management structure, an expertise and learning first organisation and a culture of collaboration and autonomy.

While onepoint Singapore helped many Singapore organisations with their digital transformation, like M1 and Dragages, they were also servicing more and more pan-Asian customers. In early 2023, onepoint Singapore expanded into Malaysia with a TechHub in Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore is establishing itself as the carbon services hub where businesses can develop their climate strategies to decarbonise their operations in the region. Groupe onepoint is excited to be joining this extensive ecosystem to support businesses to achieve their net-zero ambitions. At the same time, onepoint is committing to leverage its BCorp accreditation by implementing its proprietary STEER (Social Technological Environmental and Economic Responsibility) scorecard and green design principles.

The STEER Scorecard is a compass for designing a positive footprint offer. It is the result of our R&D, aligned with industry benchmarks and reinforced by a materiality analysis of digital issues. It is a tool for evaluation, eco-socio-design and change management that allows us to evaluate all our projects from the design phase onwards. The scorecard is based on a graduated evaluation framework of 45 criteria.

Green Design is a fundamental discipline that will allow Singapore to get the most of its existing Datacenter footprint, understanding a four-year moratorium on new data centers just ended. Datacenters account for between 1% and 2% of global final electricity demand. Onepoint Green Design with its 20 best practices (13 related to Conception, 4 related to Templating, 3 related to Content) is directly reducing the compute resources associated with the user interface of modern applications.