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Supporting corporations’s data-driven transformation from end-to-end.

Onepoint is helping our customers to maximise their data usage by facilitating and enhancing data-driven corporate transformation, with Data Strategy & Foundry. Reinforcing data literacy, security and democratising data usage via tailored data governance programs is also an objective. Moreover, onepoint uses data management to strengthen data model as well as data architecture & cloud migration to streamline various software and equipment. Finally, data-transition is ensured by allowing business professionals to better understand what happened with Business Intelligence and Analytics, to then take advantage of the future with AI, Automation and Machine Learning projects.

Our offers

Data Strategy

We design and support transitions towards a data-driven enterprise by overlaying data key objectives, with general business goals & visions.

Data Governance & Data Management

We organise, secure and promote your data assets while implementing methods, tools and processes to manage them. Onepoint is also familiar with all popular frameworks such as ADMA and DCAM.

Data Literacy

At onepoint, we teach and share opportunities of data-driven organisation while aligning individuals with a common vocabulary.

Architecture & Data Infrastructure

We design, build and implement modern data platforms adapted to your challenges

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisations

While assisting business analyst and general analytics, we design, build & implement BI architectures and data visualisation tools.

AI & Machine Learning

We identify, explore and industrialise your Data Science and AI use cases. Onepoint can also assist you with the operating model and associated management change.

Our references


Implementation of a "Customer Vision" platform for a telecommunications operator

Context and need

The operator wants to set up a platform enabling its employees to have a real time 360 customer vision with the retrieval and centralisation of customer interaction data from all channels.


Onepoint has implemented its BI & Big Data expertise with :

Implementing an API layer on the Vision 360 database.

The development of restitution HMIs.

Data migration to the NoSQL database.

Translation of SQL queries into MongoDB via NiFi ETL.

Le développement des IHMs de restitution / La migration des données vers la base de données NoSQL / La traduction des requêtes SQL en MongoDB via l’ETL NiFi.


Initially provided on the basis of data from the previous day, the technical challenge was met with data provided in less than two minutes. The business processes were able to improve the level of customer satisfaction, commercial efficiency and the relevance of the proposed offers.


Valorization of data from datalakes for an energetician

Context and need

The data valorisation team was set up in 2017 on the observation that it was essential to have a team of experts to valorise the data coming from the datalakes built for the business lines.


Accompaniment of data enhancement teams (BI, Datascience, IA, data architecture) in :

Building the team and its management.

Structuring and selling the service offer for all internal business lines.

The management of data enhancement projects.


Building a cross-functional Data team :

A team of experts has been set up, with expertise in all areas of data expertise.

Emblematic achievements in AI such as the project on the recognition of manual signatures have been carried out by our data scientists.


Global support for a French podcasting platform

Context and need

Onepoint has supported the platform, the "Netflix of podcasting", since its creation on missions of product design (analysis of comparable actors, design thinking workshops), art direction (brand identity, graphic declination), data and AI.


The involvement of onepoint's data.ia team allowed the data collected by Sybel to be used to optimize user retention. Examples of applications:

The development of a recommendation engine based on AI.

The evolution of the Cloud Data architecture on Google.


In 2019, The platform was voted "World's Best Application" by Google.

The work carried out by data.ia has made it possible to exploit and enhance the value of their data by equipping themselves with customisation functionalities, a BI platform dedicated to analysis and piloting, and by strengthening their Cloud architecture.


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