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Platform & Digital, Front-End Developer

Max joined onepoint in 2021 as a digital platform developer, after he started his professional career as a freelancer where he brought quality applications to client via Upwork in e-commerce and media fields. Max loves innovative ideas that improve corporates and individuals quality of life, and love witnessing the evolution its projects completion. Max enjoys working at onepoint as it has a good culture and a friendly team and is, according to him, a place filled with talented person which encourages him to grow and develop not only technical but also soft skills.

Max is Vietnamese & studied mechatronics engineer in Bach Khoa university (Vietnam). Max indeed has a strong passionate f0r software, which is why he studied Bachelor of Information Technology at Deakin University. He loves music, cool story and hang around with friends. Max loves helping others and believes that it’s impossible not to feel great when he does good for other people.

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Max – A game studio that makes educational games.

A hidden talent?

Max – Fast learning in any type of music instrument and have a great imagination.

What are the three adjectives that a former client would use to describe you?

Max – Industrious, Helpful & Resourceful

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