Comprehending where are opportunities and bottlenecks while visualising it in a agile way goes far beyond what we have seen so far

Australian Fashion retail CIO

With Constensquare, we optimise the existing digital investment taking a 360 experience customer view. We quickly unlock conversion opportunities, remove frictions in the journey funnel and democratise access to UX analytics.

At the crossroad of our key disciplines our partnership with Contentsquare empowers the collective to get quick wins in no time. Their platform track billion of user data and identifies friction points within your online journeys to optimise conversion. Leader of the new space of Digital experience analytics (190M Euros raise), Contentsquare goes beyond traditional analytics allowing to understand why users behave the way do and do not convert as expected.


Two weeks "quick win" assessment

With a simple tag, our experts will assess the experience of journeys from any digital touchpoints to identify friction and immediate conversion and revenue opportunities

Managed services / digital experience analytics as a service

Rely on onepoint certified analysts and designers to remove friction, improve digital experience and understand better how to accelerate conversion.



Utility Supplier

Context and painpoints

The 2020 digital shift has forced utility providers to review the way they acquire new customers shifting strongly to online channels.

Conversion optimisation is now critical to the business and testing based on assumptions is not enough. The

Contentsquare offered a unique perspective to identify current sales funnel friction points, and to understand how to maximise paid media investment

2 weeks "quick win" assessment

Insights and Recommendations

Insight 1 : Looping exits

Identification of high looping behaviour (Up to 7 pages refreshes) within the acquisition sales funnel causing a high exit rate, and location of potential points of friction (navigation).
Expected outcome after redesign:
□ 14% reduction in product looping and conversion increase
□ +$1.84million of missed conversion revenue (assumed $750 average quote size)

Insight 2: Frustration causing bounce because of non clickable elements on page

Frustration & bounce around non clickable elements, navigation and more impacted 904 funnel journeys in 14 days resulting in 42% exit.
□ Expected outcome: +$1.48 million in first year


□ No page refresh when changing option
□ Avoid the arrows if there are no more than 2 offers on the page
□ Give a help CTA above the fold line
□ Cut design to push users to scroll
□ All option offers should be visible without scrolling
□ Present the option offers horizontally instead of vertically




Understanding the digital experience of my users

4 weeks "quick win" assessment

Insights and Recommendations

Insights: Confusing homepage and navigation

A confusing experience from the homepage and all along the navigation (scrolling), highlighting that the quantity and positionning of too much content was leading to product pages with performance issues. A 30 days assessment revealed:
□ $3m in gift card friction/exposure
□ 67% bounce journey on product pages ($7m 30 days)
□ Most popular items are seen by only 17% of traffic

Expected outcome: +$78M in leaked annual revenue opportunity