Tech Advantage

We understand and develop strong convictions in new technologies that are about to reshape today's organisations. Engaging with our own PhDs and research institutes, we develop frameworks for progressive adoption.

Our capabilities


Establish trust and security with our Trust Architecture & Digital Identity services. We architect robust identity solutions, fortifying digital interactions. Protect sensitive information, bolster customer confidence, and comply with evolving regulations. Partner with us to build a trusted digital ecosystem and forge lasting relationships in the digital age.


Unleash innovation with our IoT & Edge Computing services. We engineer scalable, real-time solutions, connecting devices and systems for unparalleled efficiency. Harness the power of data at the edge, minimize latency, and transform your operations. Embrace the future of connectivity with our expertise, driving your business to new heights.


Revolutionise customer engagement with our GenAI & Turing BOTS services. We craft intelligent, conversational bots that understand, assist, and delight customers. Enhance user experiences, automate tasks, and drive conversions. Elevate your brand with cutting-edge AI technology, HRAG, creating meaningful interactions and boosting efficiency across your digital presence all through a secure architecture and meaningful use cases.


Supercharge your online presence with a scalable, headless and composable website and eCommerce shopfront with a MACH architecture and digital development services. We modernize, amplify, and connect your digital ecosystem for exceptional agility. Embrace Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless technologies to deliver seamless, scalable experiences. Empower your business for the future with our MACH expertise, unlocking growth and innovation.

Our showcase offerings


A Turing Bot is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence entity designed to converse and interact with humans in a way that is indistinguishable from human conversation. These advanced bots leverage natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to engage in meaningful and contextually relevant dialogues, making them invaluable for customer support, automation, and personalised user experiences. Turing Bots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate and provide assistance, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Combine with Autonomous Working Assistant, Turing Bot can fast forward resolution of tasks that usually take hours to tackle.

Our factory blueprint leverages our multi-disciplinary teams from architects, designer and AI specialist to empower and support your team in embracing the next industrial revolution.

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence and how to leverage it. Our Maturity Index is here to assess your current maturity state across 5+ data and risk/compliance pillars balanced by your objectives (Eg: Gen AI, Data Science, Prescriptive BI).

This index will help you craft a comprehensive roadmap to unlock the full AI potential and foster the right IT investment strategy while reducing and mitigating adoption risks.

Experience the future of digital security with our Digital & Trust Identity service. We offer robust identity verification, multifactor authentication, and fraud prevention solutions. Streamline customer onboarding while enhancing trust and adhering to regulatory standards. Safeguard sensitive information and bolster your online operations.

Leveraging proven reference architecture with custom policies and workflow, our service offering enables your business with a more secure yet more integrated user experience.