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Tech Advantage

Matthieu joined onepoint in 2023 and currently focuses on GenAI opportunities within the Tech Advantages tribe. Having earned his PhD in 2016, Matthieu transitioned from academia, where he served as a research fellow for 6 years. With his academic background, , Matthieu brings a unique set of skills to the team. He is adept at experimenting and creating proof of concepts, while being meticulous when it comes to tidying things up. Throughout his career, Matthieu has explored a diverse array of topics, ranging from assembly programming to meta-mathematics, and has collaborated with biologists, data scientists, and embedded systems experts. He is always ready to take on new challenges – why not yours?

If you were to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?

Matthieu – “An AI-powered mathematical proof assistant.”

A hidden talent?

Matthieu – “Pretty good at English puns for a French guy!”

What are the three adjectives that a former client would use to describe you?

Matthieu– “Curious, trustworthy, reliable.”

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